Choosing the right saddle for your Ironman Triathlon

What makes an Ironman Saddle?

No matter how well your bike is tuned to your bio-mechanics, your contact points (feet, seat, bars) will make or break your riding enjoyment and performance. The following Q and A is from a client who is training for their first Ironman Triathlon.

Q: I’ve decided I’m going to return the seat, I tried it for a couple rides and it just doesn’t sit right for me, I’m going to go back and give my Fizik Arione Tri another go.

A: With regard to triathlon saddles. I highly recommend cut outs in the center and through the nose. This is for your circulation and comfort. During long distance races saddle time goes up and up, for training too. So a two fold increase in your saddle time. Over short distances a narrow nose saddle such as a Fizik Arione or Arione Tri will be okay because you can pedal very hard for much less time and float above the seat a little – depending on the height of the saddle. A nice benefit of a wider nose saddle is the ability to get more lateral support across the sit bones (ischeal tuberosities). And when you roll the pelvis forward to the aero bars you maintain skeletal contact (pelvis (pubic rami)) with the saddle helping keep you stable and supported. And at this point the cut out comes into it’s glory given men and women better circulation.

The Attack is not for everyone, John Cobb makes some great saddles that have more tradition shapes with narrower nose but all are cut out for circulation.

Read more about Seat Selection and Position.

Good luck and let me know if I can help.



11 Nov 2014

By Aaron Dunford


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