Client Questions – Power or Comfort?

Power Or Comfort

Hi Aaron,

Just thought I’d give you a quick update on the bike set up.

It’s MUCH more comfortable, but I’m not feeling as powerful, and haven’t yet been able to get the watts back up to what I’m used to on my turbo sessions. I’m not sure whether this is just going to take a while to adjust to the new position, whether it’s tired legs, or whether the position doesn’t enable me to get the power up. I also wonder whether the seat feels a bit low, or whether the front end could be dropped a touch, or whether it’s just time needed to adapt. What do you reckon?

I’ve got a 70.3 at the weekend, so I’ll let you know how it feels during that race.





Good to hear from you. I have given your email a lot of thought and feel committed to helping you find the perfect balance between comfort and power.

When you say “not feeling as powerful and getting the watts back up”, how much are you talking about?

Is it an average power for a particular ride you do often or a max threshold or a general out put compared to heart rate?

I am happy to hear the bike is comfortable, this is a great thing.

Would you say you have the ability to make more power once you are fatigued?

How many kilometers into the ride is this?

The end result should feel powerful, and comfortable. So with comfort at the fore front now, do you feel you can you train harder and recover faster?

It is likely a factor of muscle recruitment too, the longer you pedal in a particular position the better the pedaling co-ordination becomes.

Your loss of power may be a case of adaptation, then a slow increase in power over all for your distance with solid training and good recovery.

With regard to going up in the saddle, yes, no issue. This may be the feeling of less power, however, height should not be enough to cause instability in the pelvis while peddling under load in the saddle.

Dropping in the bars may make it harder to keep breathing deeply and looking ahead so pay attention to how the neck, lungs and diaphragm feel. Dropping the bars will also close up the hip angle at the top of the stroke, again closing the diaphragm. So if these two things feel good than the front could drop, this will help with aerodynamics.

You can see how the over all flexibility of your body allows for a higher saddle height and there fore a more obtuse hip angle, then the ability to go lower in the front end. It’s the classic Quintana Roo bottom bracket rotation.

If the bars went down we could lift the saddle to open up the hip and move it forward to help keep the weight going through your elbows. But again it depends on flexibility and over all stability.

In the end power in your life will go up and down, it’s a cycle, your body has a clock and although we can train a lot we can not always perform. I am keen to hear how the race goes and how you feel running off the bike. If you would like to make any changes, just let me know and I will make it happen.

Good luck.

All the best,

Aaron Dunford


17 Oct 2014

By Aaron Dunford


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