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The Cobb Randee is my fist selection of stock from the Cobb range of bicycle saddles.

Wikipedia says, “Named after the sport of Randonneuring (also known as Audax in the UK, Australia and Brazil) is a long-distance cycling sport with its origins in audax cycling. In randonneuring, riders attempt courses of 200 km or more,”.

The Randee is set to provide support and comfort to anyone who wants to go far.

Size: The rear of the saddle is 145 mm and the nose measures 52 mm, this is slightly different from the data provided by the Cobb site but is what I measure with the saddle and the calipers.The width in the rear of the saddle good and will provide a solid chair for road riders. While the nose is not too narrow but shaves 14 mm off a similar Adamo TT, this will impress Trialthon riders who complain about the width of the Adamo noses being too wide.

Features: The cut out is an awesome size and will keep circulation to a maximum even when perched on the rivet. Also J.O.F., Just Off Front technology is as it says, for riding just off the front of the saddle, or is it just off the front of the bunch.  On longer rides it’s nice to move around a little in the seat, this saddle gives a huge amount of surface area in which to pedal from. And thanks to 95 mm rails the saddle is super adjustable.

Good For: I think this is a great option for road bikes with clip on aero bars because up in the hoods the rider can be seated to the rear of the saddle and get the benefits of a wide and solid saddle with a great cutout. And when rolled forward into the aero bars there is a great deal of support through out the length of the saddle giving the rider options to sit as far forward as they like. Saying that, any one who finds their current saddle is not giving them the support they need for long rides, the Randee may be a great option.

Value: At $200.00 AUD this is good value, especially because you are buying a lot of research and a lot of testing.

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13 Oct 2014

By Aaron Dunford


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