Custom Bont MTB Shoes

Take one pair of Bont Vapor XC shoes, wear them, then once they have fallen apart, rebuild.

My Bont mountain bike shoes.

I bought them new from Bont and thought they were rad. Then they started to fall apart…

First the ratchets busted off (both sides), ripped from the shoe by rock and tree. Then the rubber sole sections at the sides of the cleats tore away; I remember trying to glue them down and use larger washers. It was no good the rubber was too soft.

To fix the naked soles I used Sidi Dragon replacement soles and to this very day are wearing down nicely. The new Sidi sole rubber has a rigid plastic backing and hard wearing and grippy rubber on top. New holes had to be drilled in the tread but this was an easy task.

The photo below was taken after some riding with the new tread. Then the upper stared peeling away from the shoe and I busted off one more ratchet. Note too the hole developing in the toe, and the missing toe tread. The right shoe never did this?

IMG_2844 The IMG_2842

I ordered some replacement buckles from Bont and tried to extend their life expectancy by a few months by adding ramps fashioned from more spare Sidi gear.


Then after the ratchet straps wore in and the teeth no longer entered the ratchet smoothly and it became very hard to do the shoes up.

I removed the ratchet and strap and and lower Velcro strap (that was not useful anyway) and replaced them with a sturdy set of shoe laces. I ripped off the top sheet of black patent and used an elastic to close the top cover of the shoe and laces.

To this day they are going well. Although I have smashed a hole in the carbon fiber in the toe of the left shoe. More work to do.



23 Jun 2014

By Aaron Dunford


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