Love Your Work

The best compliment I ever got was, " Love you work man".

In the beginning.

When moved to Australia I was straight off the back of the ski patrol bus and had no idea what I was going to do with myself. My girl friend at the time was pregnant and her father was wondering too what I was going to do. Everything I knew was in the mountains, everything I loved.

The local bike shop owner was a Canadian dude and said, “you look like you could sell a bike”. And I did, the very first one was a little balance bike on a warm Saturday morning in Manly.

As I learned more I knew I had found something special in the bicycle industry. I knew mountain biking from my days as a grommet in Canada but now I was getting a taste of it all.

A few years later bike fitting took over. I took everything I had,  jumped from job at the shop and started Fusion Peak. It was a great feeling.

The years are still flying by and and I keep learning, each and every client teaches me something and I am grateful for that.


I am super excited about the new web page and the new services I am offering. I hope everyone enjoys the work and gets the most out of their bikes.


I love the idea of being exposed to the industry on a global scale and helping in the design of parts, gear and services to fit the people.

Bikes are playing an important role in the creation of a cleaner earth and their positive impact on everything around them makes them worth a life time of love.


27 Aug 2014

By Aaron Dunford


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