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During current times of isolation your fitness and mental health are paramount. For many of you your bike is integral part of your life balance. There is no reason to stop riding or feel uncomfortable while you are either out on your own or on the indoor trainer - climbing the Alps (Zwifters).

If I am asked to stop seeing clients one on one, or if you are unable to make the visit (which is totally understandable). I feel I would still like to help with your bike setup, wether it be body or bike. Here are some of my latest ideas to help with your bike fit from the comfort of your home or cave.

Digital Consultation: This includes meetings to help with cleat/shoe or bike setup, advice on posture and pedal stroke, or gathering information to find links between bike and body issues. Using modern technology we will be able connect face to face so I can see your gear and understand the current setup. The concepts and adjustments of each meeting will depend on preparation, issues and abilities, but if we are well prepared we should be able to make some solid progress.

Equiptment Recommendation and Supply: If you are interested in testing out or trying a new set of cranks, a saddle or some new shoes I can help you decide on what parts and why will be best for you and your bike fit. Then where possible, and if possible, I am happy to supply parts for you to instal and test out.

Bike CAD File and Full Measurements: Drop off and pick up service. I would like to offer a full CAD file and set of measurements for your current setup to help you decide on a new frame or new bike. I would receive the bike wipe it down and measure it up, giving you accurate and clear measurements for you to compare to possible new options. This service including a full colour CAD file and markings on bike for current setup. Additional CAD files can be drawn for perspective new bikes. Flat fee for CAD and measure up, with additional fees for new bike designs and comparisons.

Bike Service: Drop off and pick up service. I am able to offer a full host of services from full bike builds (including frame design) to simple adjustments or recommendations. I will receive your bike, wipe it down and get to work doing my best to resolve any mechanical issues or instal new parts. Pick up when ready. Hourly rate, plus parts. Parts are welcome too, things may be harder to get soon so do what it takes to buy the correct gear.


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