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If you want to ride at your best, I would love to help.

Nicolas Rivers

By paying attention to every aspect of your connection to your bicycle we can isolate and correct the smallest detail.

It starts with an extensive interview and full set of bike measurements. Then a flexibility assessment to determine range of motion, pelvic symmetry and foot function. Your shoes and cleats will be dialed in to offer optimal support for each foot. And finally the tailoring of your bike to suit your body and riding style.

To help you feel and see the changes we can follow your Spin Scan data on the Computrainer, measuring cadence, right side and left side power, and pedal torque efficiency.

All your bike measurements will be recorded and a CAD file will be drawn and provided.

A Follow Up Service is also included (if needed) to make certain you are 100% stoked with your position.



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*All listed prices are subject to change without notification, and are exclusive of parts.