I've been recommending you to all my cycling friends.

I’m 100% sure the bike fit has helped my cycling improve.  The biggest difference is with my feet and the new foot beds.  I can feel my left leg contributing more throughout the entire pedal stroke.
Since having the bike fit I’ve:

  • Ridden 120K 4 gorges ride at over 30kph average and didn’t cramp!
  • Won a B grade Central Coast Friday night criterium, solo breakaway!
  • Stole three of P.G.’s Strava KOMs
  • Increased my 20min FTP from 270W to 318W, however this has been over many months of training, not sure how much is due to the bike fit but I’m sure it helped
  • Finished a Tuesday night Heffron park handicap, never done that before!

I’m racing A grade Hart Friday night and Calga 43Km TT on Sunday. I’ll do A elite west head race on 14th Feb.
The TT will be a good indicator to see if I’ve improved at all.

Thank you very much for the bike fit. Hope to see you out on the road soon.


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