Sorry about the delayed reply, been a little manic.

Thank you so much for the setup, really looking forward to seeing the difference that it makes in the coming weeks and months.
I went for a 50km ride on Saturday and the difference is absolutely phenomenal, was so comfortable and although the ride was tough had no lower back stiffness as I normally would. Absolutely loving the saddle, it has relieved so much of the groin pressure that I was getting before. I am getting a bit of chaffing on my inner thighs from it but I think that is just a matter of time in the saddle to build up a bit of resistance to it. If you don’t mind I will give it another week or two to get a proper feel for it before making a decision. In addition I have bought a new pair of the Fizik’s in a size 47 as they didn’t have in half sizes. I’m looking forward to getting them and seeing how they fit.
Thank you for all the information, I look forward to reading up and watching all of them in the coming days as I think they are going to make a massive difference to my cycling and just strength and performance in general. Thank you so much for the CAD file as well, can’t believe how comprehensive and professional it is! Although I am not surprised after the fitting. Really appreciate all the time and effort you put in Aaron, had no idea what to expect when I booked it but I was truly blown away! I believe it is going to make a massive difference to my cycling so thank you so much.


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