110k on Saturday and consistently produced a better speed:power ratio than at any time before. Seriously, the efficiency I have gained is worth about 2km/hr already!

Some more highlights:

  • did 50k on Tuesday morning including a 30 min threshold effort up around 90-95% of FTP. Sure, it hurt but I could generally feel a better all-round engagement of leg and glute muscles. Unlike on previous occasions, I did not get a tightness on the R inner quad muscle. Hamstrings are contributing a bit more of the workload. In pure number terms, it was exciting. I sat at around 37-39km/hr, whereas this previously would have been around          34-37 km/hr
  • I stretched on Sunday (well, stretched the friendship with my wife when I told her I was off for a long run). Yes, the new stretching program is going well…

So, the numbers are good. The feel is good.

Mate, you did a fantastic job.


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