Thanks for the CAD of my Ultimate

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for the CAD of my Ultimate.

I have been gradually pushing a bit harder in my rides, adding some intensity on the hills and some extra distance (up to 55kms).
It is all feeling very positive:
My position and peddling action on both bikes is feeling very comfortable and smooth.
The shoe adjustments have been very effective. I’m sensing that I have a very good connection to put out power through the pedals.
I’m holding good power outputs with lower than the usual heart rate – so the adjustments are translating into good performance on my bikes and I have some improvement to go in my fitness so I’m really excited about the potential for further improvement.
Most importantly there is none of the previous tightness/soreness on my right side, particularly my hip and lower back. As I push harder going up a gradual hill in the seat my glutes and legs feel the work but not my hip and back. I feel good once I stretch and cool down after a ride and the next morning.
Above all I’m really enjoying riding again. I’m still working on being balanced as I peddle but still feel very smooth in my action and I’m getting stronger and fitter without it taking too much toll on my body.
Thanks so much for your expertise and all the adjustments they are working so well for me!
Best wishes for the Christmas season, Pete


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