I got through 4 hours without any noticeable discomfort.

HOLY MOLY Aaron, you are a genius! Thank you a million times over, I think there has been a small break through. I rode Sunday and can confidently say that I got through 4 hours without any noticeable discomfort.  I was out for about 6.5 hours in the end (Dad needed to stop for sports drinks, cans of coke…..), and my lower back was great. My feet felt so comfortable too, I can’t believe what a bit or arch support makes to the shoe and feeling like there is pressure on the pedal.

My back was getting a little cranky towards the end, but that’s not unusual, and my neck was nowhere near as bad as it has been. I am very happy with the set up, the tri bars feel pretty comfortable and I was not ready to chuck my bike off a cliff after 150km. I took your advice and focused on core and pedals – I think with the new set up, I can switch my core on more easily, as I’m not so stretched out.

Everything feels really great so far and there’s nothing I can think of that needs adjusting. So again, thank you for all your care and thoughts on the set up/back pain/tri bars.
A heartfelt thanks!


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