Thanks for the email with measurements and recommendations for gearing setup.

I would like to thank you for your time  to do the bike fit and for the general cycling advice offered. I rode on Sunday 50km and the bike was the most comfortable it has ever been especially whilst riding in the aero position. I was able to hold the aero position for extended periods which I have not in the past. Seat position was good (don’t think they are ever comfortable) and didn’t find I was moving around like I did in the past, so this was a win. Was a little sore/stiff afterwards but believe this was more from not riding for the last 3 months rather than anything else, with no issues today. No hamstring issues or pins and needles in the toes although. I  noticed pressure under the ball of my foot (but no uncomfortable) I assume from the correct cleat placement. Only thing I need to monitor is a slight ache in my wrist due the plates/pins so I may need to raise the angle of the aero bars in the future but I will see how things go over the next month. This is no reflection on the setup, rather a personal issue.
Overall very happy with the setup and looking forward to building a bit of bike fitness back up to see how thing’s go over longer distances.
So thank you for all your help.


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