SQlab Ergowave Active Saddle

This has been my best selling saddle ever. Is there something in the water?

I have fitted or adjusted almost 700 hundred saddles over the last 5 years.

I find the key to a great fitting saddle is to have the correct width for the client’s sit bones. It’s quite simple really. If you know the sit bones are being supported the pelvis will have the greatest chance of sitting flat and stable on the saddle.

I have been ordering saddles for Fusion Peak to stock since day one. I have sold a few. Other times I would send a client to a bike shop or on-line to buy something and fit it up with them later.

I now stock a great selection of road and mountain bike saddles from SQlab. Their new Ergowave is a flagship worth mentioning. A great feature of the Ergowave saddle is the line up from 120 mm to 150 mm wide. This makes it easy to help my clients choose the right width for them. Width of sit bones, along with a slight adjustment for pelvic tilt and torso angle equals the best width to be tested.


The “Active” feature of the saddle is it’s unique ability to rock slightly. This is done with a tee mount for the saddle rails and the use of an elastomer damper above each rail to dampen the movement downward. The elastomers can be adjusted for rider weight and comfort. I feel it greatly reduces pressure from the saddle onto the sit bones and allows the hips to move slightly and gently. This has a great effect on comfort for riders with less flexibility. And those with good flexibility will just use less of the movement as they do not twist into the stroke to the same degree. Saddle height is important too here; not reaching to the pedal is key.

The final feature I like about this saddle is the dropped nose, SQlab uses pressure mapping technology to show how riders’ skeletons interact with the saddle. No nose, no pressure. It allows riders to push there aerodynamic limits on the front end of the bike while not putting excessive pressure on the front of the groin. This is a great feature for ladies as well as men.

If you are looking for a new saddle please check out the Ergowave from SQlab.


13 Feb 2017

By Aaron Dunford


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