To Fit Or Not To Fit

Is it the right time to get a bike fit? How long until you can race or continue hard training?

Here is a question I recently answered for a client I thought may be helpful for anyone thinking about getting a bike fit.

Hey Aaron,

“I have a few friends who’ve had a fit with you (and they couldn’t talk highly enough of you btw) but they both said that you told them nothing hard for 3 weeks after the fit. I have a 70.3 on 24 Nov. Should I put off the fit then? I really wanted it done prior to the race. What do you think?”


With regards to timing, my next fit date is the 12th. The day is free for you. I suggest three weeks to get used to a new fit and position. The only way I would say go ahead and do the fit before the race would be if you are happy to cruise in the race. No hard efforts.

The issue is: your body and in particular your legs have a pattern in which they fire your leg muscles. This pattern is defined by your setup and your brain (mainly the central nervous system and the motor cortex). You need time to allow your body to adjust the firing pattern needs of the new position. The less changes, obviously the less adaptations.  But if you ride hard right after a fit, your brain will try and overcome the changes in position and fire the legs the OLD way. This can cause very mixed fit results. Going easy allows your legs to spin in the new position and your brain to make the changes necessary to the muscle firing pattern. This is also helped by your conscious efforts to fire the correct muscles. In many cases clients are learning to fire their glutes.  

So, if you are happy to cruise, book in. If you have any reservations and want to nail the bike leg in the race. Wait. No stress…

Let me know what is best for you and I will do what I can to help.

All the best,
Aaron Dunford


01 Nov 2019

By Aaron Dunford


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