Whether you are riding to the shops or across the country, you should feel comfortable.

If you have neck, back, knee or foot pain, saddle soreness, hand or foot numbness then your bike or shoes don’t fit you properly.
The perfect fit for you is:

  • Comfortable, it facilitates efficiency of movement with the ability to generate power to maintain speed. It allows you to breathe easily and effectively balance, pedal and handle your bike.
  • Unique, each person has different body morphology, flexibility, bone and ligament structure, which is never symmetrical. This creates your own pattern of movement on the ever symmetrical bicycle and you need to work smoothly with in your body to maintain balance and stability. No two fits are ever the same.
  • Predictable, the controls on your bike should be ready at your finger tips and work with precision and ease.
  • Smooth, suspension setup of your mountain bike for not only your weight but also your riding style is crucial to riding with maximum speed and control.
  • Bliss, knowing you are totally dialed on your bike will put you at ease and let you focus on the ride.

It is normal to think that your bike fit is ‘good’ based on what is familiar. But what is familiar may not be good. Why limit performance when it is possible to go faster, with less effort and greater endurance? Why settle for the sore back, hands, knees, neck, shoulders or general discomfort commonly associated with riding a bike if there is a better option.

Every cyclist deserves to be comfortable on their bike and a bike fit can help make that happen. As a cyclist it is your responsibility to look after your bike and gear, this includes your body and your fit.